Four 311 Shows in Five Days

There’s nothing particularly superlative about seeing four 311 shows in five days. There are fans that follow bands to every tour stop. I know of one 311 fan who has been to hundreds of shows. I’ve been to a lot of shows over the years, but, for me, seeing 311 four times in five days is still noteworthy.

This opportunity came to me more via circumstance than a dedicated effort on my part. Early in 2016, 311 announced a two-show Fourth of July weekend event in Las Vegas. At that point, I wasn’t sure if 311 would add Salt Lake City as a tour stop this summer, so I went ahead and bought tickets to the Las Vegas shows when they went on sale. A few weeks later, 311 announced more summer tour dates, including two shows at The Depot—a small club-style venue in Salt Lake City—immediately before the Las Vegas show dates (with a travel day in-between). Thus, four shows in five days became a reality!

Head to the 311 section for the show setlists, or keep reading for more details.

Show 1 (Wednesday, June 29, 2016)

Salt Lake City, UT (The Depot) — The Depot is a small venue (1,200 capacity). There are maybe only two or three other venues where I’ve seen 311 perform that are smaller than The Depot.

This show was the first of 311’s 2016 summer tour. The band’s performance was excellent. The crowd had good energy, which was good because this was the first show in about ten years that I watched from the pit. My last show in the pit was the 2006 show at USANA Amphitheatre. At arenas, theatres, and amphitheaters since then, I typically opted for seats.

It was great being in the pit again. I missed actively participating in the shows—jumping with the crowd, feeling the energy, and getting an up-close view of the band. I do also enjoy hanging back and just watching the show from seats or from the fringes, but watching from the pit is still a superior experience (if the crowd is good).

The setlist they played this show was also the best of the four. Galaxy, a song I had never seen performed live before, is as good live as I had expected. It’s a hard-rocking rap song exclusively featuring SA Martinez on vocals. The song has so much energy and the band’s performance was perfect. It blows my mind that they only very rarely play that song live!

Show 2 (Thursday, June 30, 2016)

Salt Lake City, UT (The Depot) — This show was another very good one. The setlist was almost as good as the prior night, but not quite. Notably, 311 played five songs that feature guitar solos: Taiyed, Amber, Rock On, Use of Time, and Stealing Happy Hours. They typically play only one or two songs with guitar solos.

Show 3 (Saturday, July 2, 2016)

311 Red, White, and Boom

Las Vegas, NV (Mandalay Bay Beach) — I had been to three shows at this venue before this one. I’ve had a good time at all of the shows, but the crowds lack engagement (a notable exception is the July 4, 2015 show) compared to the crowds in Salt Lake City for whatever reason.

The stage at this venue is a peninsula high above the Mandalay Bay pool, which is surrounded by a “beach”. At each of these shows, I have opted to stand on a ledge that surrounds the pool because it gives me a perfect view above everyone in the pool. While the concept for the venue is very cool, the setup is not great.

The show was good, but the setlist lacked flow. I’d say that both Salt Lake City shows were better than this one.

Being that it was Fourth of July weekend, fireworks immediately followed both shows at Mandalay Bay.

Show 4 (Sunday, July 3, 2016)

Las Vegas, NV (Mandalay Bay Beach) — The setlist was a few songs longer, but not as good as the prior night. Although they played Tribute (my favorite 311 song), this show was not better than any of the previous three. It’s all relative, though. I still had a great time.


  • Total songs: 90
  • Unique songs: 62
  • Duplicate songs: 28
  • Songs I had never before seen performed live: 1 (Galaxy)
  • Song with the longest gap between shows: 5,961 days! (I last saw “Strong All Along” performed on March 5, 2000)

Favorite Song Performances

In order of preference:

  1. Galaxy (show 1)
  2. Freak Out (1)
  3. Stealing Happy Hours (2)
  4. T & P Combo (1)
  5. Use of Time (2)
  6. Jackpot (4)

Honorable mentions (in no particular order): Never Ending Summer (1, 3); Brodels (2);  Homebrew (3); Freeze Time (1); Get Down (1); Large in the Margin (4); Tribute (4); Sun Come Through (4); Omaha Stylee (1, 4); Sick Tight (2)

Memorable Moments (Besides the Shows)

  • Nick’s errant guitar toss – After the second night’s show in Salt Lake City, Nick Hexum (the band’s lead singer) errantly tossed his Gibson Les Paul guitar to his guitar tech, which prompted him to Tweet, “After the terrible toss of my Les Paul to @EricVanHIllman tonight it’s time to retire it and sell it for charity.”
  • Driving through lightning in Nevada – After driving through the Virgin River Canyon stretch of I-15 on Friday night, Nevada greeted me with beautiful lightning in the distance. That distant lightning, however, eventually became way-too-close-for-comfort lightning!
  • Shake Shack – My favorite fast food restaurant chain, by far, is Shake Shack, which has a location at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino. There are no Shake Shacks in Salt Lake City, unfortunately, so I got my money’s worth this weekend. All told, I ate four meals there during my three days in Las Vegas.
  • Mike Goes to White Castle – After the second show in Las Vegas, I dropped everything and walked two miles down the strip to White Castle to experience the legendary franchise for the “first” time. (I did stop to eat a White Castle slider once on a cross-country drive, but I couldn’t even remember if I liked it, or not.). My experience getting to White Castle was not unlike the adventures Harold and Kumar experienced. I was starving because I had skipped dinner before the show. I had been standing for about five hours with literally no rest, so my legs and feet were killing me before I even started walking. The Strip seems trashier than ever, so it was a struggle dodging the crowds, buskers, homeless people, street performers, lollygaggers, and drunk tourists on my way to White Castle. Once I arrived, I was greeted with a long line to order, and a long wait to get my food. An hour later, I inhaled my Double Cheese Sliders combo. The little burgers were … interesting. They were very tasty in a very odd way. I’m not sure they would be so enjoyable if I wasn’t as hungry as I was that night. But I was glad I made the effort to give White Castle a try.

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