Everyday Carry

Nerd alert!

I think most everyone has a set of items that they carry with them most days. My goal is to carry an efficient set of items that will cover most needs throughout a typical day, and nothing more. For example, I spend most days working in an office setting, so I don’t need to carry a Swiss Army Knife with a wood saw everyday. My list of everyday carry items is below:

  1. Keys
  2. Wallet – Leather bi-fold
  3. Cellular phone – Fully-functional adult pacifier
  4. Pens – I never leave home without a pen. I seem to cycle through my various pen preferences throughout the year. Right now, I prefer cheap, simple pens. I do, however, almost always avoid carrying gel and rollerball pens because they are less durable than ballpoint pens. I also prefer ballpoint pens because they rarely leak, bleed, or smudge. (With that said, the Pilot FriXion pen listed below is technically a gel ink pen, albeit with a special feature: erasable ink.)
    • Bic Round Stic (black)
    • Pentel RSVP (blue)
    • Pilot FriXion Slim (erasable) (blue) (0.38 mm)
  5. PocketMods – PocketMods are 8-page (six pages plus front and back covers) booklets made of one folded sheet of paper that fit in a shirt pocket.
  6. Swiss Army Knife – Depending on what I’m wearing and where I’m headed, I typically either carry a medium-sized Compact, or a small-sized Midnite Manager.
    • Compact
      • Blade
      • Scissors
      • Bottle opener/can opener/wire stripper/screwdriver (5 mm)
      • Corkscrew
      • Multi-purpose hook with nail file
      • Pressurized ballpoint pen
      • Miniature screwdriver (1.5 mm)
      • Toothpick
      • Tweezers
      • Pin
    • Midnite Manager
      • Blade
      • Scissors
      • Bottle opener/wire stripper/magnetized Phillips screwdriver
      • Nail file/screwdriver
      • Pressurized ballpoint pen
      • LED