How to Be a Baseball Fan

May 17, 2017 – Reds vs. Cubs at Wrigley Field
May 17, 2017 – Reds vs. Cubs at Wrigley Field

Despite its measured pace, baseball is not boring to most true fans of the game. With that said, I do think that being a baseball fan is more challenging and takes a little more effort than some other sports because of its pace, its frequency (almost daily), and some of the game’s almost imperceptible nuances.

With a little bit of effort, however, it is possible to appreciate baseball more. Baseball has endured for so long precisely because it is a worthwhile pastime. Without further ado, here are some humble suggestions for how to become a better baseball fan.

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Baseball is Back!

Today is baseball’s opening day. I used to play baseball a lot when I was younger. I don’t play anymore (besides the occasional game of catch or trip to the batting cages), but I still love watching. is the perfect companion for baseball fans. For the price of about one month of cable, you can watch almost every Major League Baseball game live (or on re-play) in HD, all season, on all kinds of devices (PC, Mac, Apple TV, iPhone, Android, etc.). (Blackouts still apply.) You can also choose which team’s broadcast you’d like to watch.

Toronto Blue Jays logoMy favorite team is the Toronto Blue Jays. They should be pretty good this year if they stay healthy and get a better-than-average performance from at least one of their starting pitchers. Their starting rotation is pretty average, but their offense should be one of the best in baseball again this season. Their defense should also be above average. Up the middle, the Jays have solid defenders at catcher (Russell Martin), shortstop (Troy Tulowitzki), second base (Ryan Goins), and center field (Kevin Pillar). Josh Donaldson at third base is also an above average defender.

Needless to say, I’m excited for the season. Also, if you do subscribe to, try to listen to Vin Scully as much as possible. It’s his 67th and final season broadcasting Dodgers games. He is one of the all-time greatest baseball broadcasters, and he’s still an absolute pleasure to listen to call a ballgame.